We only stock the finest, high quality fair trade products that are desirable and well priced for the UK consumer and profitable for everyone in the supply chain. Our ethical products have all been sourced using fair trade ethics, so you can shop with Fairwind safe in the knowledge that you are being a truly ethical consumer.

Anna Lappe, US ethicist, sums up ethical consumerism more succinctly than we ever could:

“Every time you spend money, you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want”

Fairwind has also been leading the UK campaign to make Nordmann Fir Christmas trees fair trade. Working with the pioneer in this field, Fair Trees® in Denmark, Fairwind has brought the ethical issues around the UK’s most popular Christmas tree to the public’s attention and is working with growers and retailers to change the way the Christmas tree industry operates.

Benefits of fair trade

At Fairwind we believe that fair trade relationships with suppliers in developing countries will help ensure the sustainable development of these countries. By ensuring that the craftspeople receive fair and timely payments for their products we can help them invest in their businesses, communities and staff, thus changing lives for the better.

By only using suppliers that follow fair trade principles, we can ensure that:

The producers are paid enough to cover the costs of sustainable production and living and to invest in the development of their businesses, communities and staff.
The producers receive payments in advance for raw materials when required.
Long term business relationships are established that allow the producers to plan and use sustainable production practices.
Working conditions are acceptable and that no child labour is used.

Small producers receive support and assistance in gaining fair access to western markets.

Fairwind is a member of the British Association for Fair Trade Shops (BAFTS). Please go to www.bafts.org.uk for more information. Please also take a look at the website for the World Fair Trade Organisation, www.wfto.com.
Our eco credentials

We ensure that our producers use materials from sustainable resources wherever possible. Many of our products are made using recycled materials, especially recycled glass and recycled aluminium. We also recycle and use recycled products and packaging where possible; e.g. we recycle our cardboard, printer cartridges and paper and reuse the packaging that is sent to us by suppliers. We also buy recycled stationery and support the conservation efforts of the World Wide Fund for Nature by donating 10% of the profits from the sale of all of our elephant products.